Friday, January 21, 2011

Here's My First

Everyone's made their introductions and posts. Now, it's my turn. I'll give you an overview...

I'm just another guy that you'd see on a street. Silent, watching...waiting... Yeah, that's what I do when I'm not working on anything: I observe. I am he who was born with a fascination for human behavior, the various responses that could come from a single scenario. Ahh... The beauty of individuality.

I started out writing about my interpretation of events (from day to day activities to hardships in life). I've a knack of getting into stuff that people would often read of in novels. *laughs* You'll know what I mean...pretty soon. :-D After articles, I started doing poems, which I gave up early on... because I thought I wasn't cut out for it.

Years later, I found myself doing what used to be impossible. It was then that I realized we humans are limited by the way we think; that is, in most cases. The moment our mind gives up on one thing, our body tends to lose the ability to do so. Until we realize that we're the ones keeping ourselves from greater heights, we'll never get to know our full potential.

Enough said, I'm currently writing songs, and doing poems. I still write articles about observations and happenings and...yeah.. I still have the tendency to rant all my way into a sheet of paper.

I am unique, and so are you..but it's that uniqueness that actually gives us our identity. A world with people who aren't unique to each other would be utterly boring and predictable such that everyday would be a routine, and even crimes would be solved because someone just happens to think like the other. hehe.. So, this is my first post... a little introduction; to give you guys and gals out there, an idea on what to expect from me with regards to the future posts I'll be making.

Lastly, writing like all other disciplines, is an art. Each piece, each a revelation of ones character. It is like so with how you would perceive the work presented to you. It is like a two-edged sword. Take care when you read and interpret, you might just find a part of you that you never thought was there. :-)


  1. yeah, its true...glad to have you aroung RD

  2. welcome aboard, primera!

    oh, we need more team members!

  3. okay. I'll look for recruits too Nel. ^_^