Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I write of love and wondrous sights
of victory against insurmountable plights
though love is one I see unclear
I hold it close, so near, so dear

I write of love and things above
of joy and pain in a journey's love
where i am has always kept me
from holding strong to show and be

I write of love and the face I hide
away from them, all the truths reside
though light and warmth will not die out
the face behind the mask they doubt

I write of you, for this is what I do
in bliss or sorrow this I pursue
for if I stop and let time fly
I'd be no good; an unheard cry

I write of love and not of me
for it is a gift to be with thee
the rise and fall of emotions stay
but in you will my totality find its way

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