Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Saw...Again

I was sitting on my chair... a few seats from the door. The sun was also starting to set... it was the last class of the day. Bored and a litte tired of all that has transpired, I sought to do something...write. :-)

Today approaches it grave

with memoirs none to save

for if I hold them close

like thorns pierce, as that of a rose

I see him walk along the road

all alone but with not much load

the world wieghs heavily on him

and the sight of joy is just so slim

So here I am sitting on a chair

I wait for the next to spare

a lecture or introduction he/she may

but my mind will for now go astray

Take me not on the path you see

for I am nothing, simply me

Know my heart will wait and stay

Even as you go; until that day

I look again, it's him I see

deadened [his] face as hepassed me

his silence speaks a sort of art

a blank canvas i see...not a start

His is a story all do know

but on whose eyes will he then show

for if ever a day were like this

he'd be better of without bliss

The tides of life bring us all

a myriad of times, and stories tall

For if it was just as simple

...and if time were only so ample

I look for the last time now

an empty stomach, and why this now?

I hear an applause from afar

like the light of a morning star

Amidst all these he does hope

for a while, a pause; ceasing...mope

If only he was who he wasn't

then maybe...not... as it just can't

Nor will rest draw him near

for his heart holds so dear

a symphony of memories

a name so forgotten, buried in tears

If time only knew his ramblings

and grow all the little saplings

All is wishful thinking; and it's name

so does life, as it has played its game.

These are the ramblings of a man who has born witness to things we all know... to things we see each day... to things whilst from a 2nd hand view are so easy to manipulate...but in reality, are as daunting when attacked alone. I write to let things out, to escape...not really... just to unload... like going to the comfort room to "succeed"; I do what I do.

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