Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Sweet and thoughtful 22nd

I though the day would just be like any other
But I guess the Lord wanted to surprise me today
And spread presents along my way...

... I had missed breakfast again today because I wanted to sleep in. After Speech class, I dragged my classmate to eat with me and she found out that it was my birthday and she bought me my favorite ice cream. :)
It was my first present of the day. Thank you Trizzia. I was not really expecting it. The second gift was from my grandma. :)

... Then my 2C girls texted me to meet them at school. I knew they were up to something. Hahahaha but I didn't expect all of them to be there. Having all of you present was the best gift I got from you. I love you girls. ^_^ Even Ate Sialmo greeted me through text. hehehe. I totally love the frame and the cake too. Hanging out at the hospital... where we were almost not allowed to go in.Hope your dad will recover soon Joy. :)

.... Then around 4 my best friends were already looking for me. Madel had asked me if I liked carbonara so I expected her to cook that for me. I thought I was already late for whatever was happening there but I guess a celebrant is never late for her party (though they still ate the pancit canton without me). hehehe. But instead of carbonara, there was macaroni, macaroons and... the macarena????? O_o hahahaha!!!!! Thank you so much for the gift Dakz. Thank you so much for the food Madz. ^_^ I really enjoyed my mini party there. Hehehe. I didn't expect the three of us to be complete because I thought Rhoda had work but Korea's independence day falls on my birthday, what do you know??? hahahaha

... Then when I got home.... nope. No surprise party there. Hehehe... although there were more chocolates and presents. hahahaha. Soo cuuuute the cat Bernel. :D

I think today, is the first time in my 22 birthdays that I feel so loved. My best birthday ever. :)
Thank you all. Even though Andrew isn't here in Cebu you guys made me feel so happy. Also, Andrew had already given me an advanced birthday gift - A panda! Hehehe.

And also to those who greeted me on FB and through text. Thank you. :)

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