Monday, September 19, 2011

Clean Graffiti / Reverse Graffiti Project :)

 Wow, it's been a long time since I haven't been able to update the blog with something artistic. Hahaha! I'm sorry that I have been busy with medical stuff (ironic) hahaha

Anyway, this post is all about ingenuity and the innovative minds of some artists, who not only creatively conceptualized the process of this type of art but also the double purpose why they are doing it.

What is "Clean Graffiti" or "Reverse Graffiti?"
Now as I understood it, it is actually a campaign to create art by cleaning our polluted/ dirty environment.
Yup... Sad to say not all people appreciate the original style of graffiti which we all know-- painting on walls and other surfaces. Some find it "dirty" and do not really acknowledge it as a form of art.

Sad to say most of these people who abhor this "dirty" art do not equally do anything to clean the environment at all. And the ones whom they accuse of polluting the streets are actually also the ones creatively innovating a way to make art to "clean."

Here are some of my favorite photos of Clean Graffiti or Reverse Graffiti projects done by unique responsible artists.

With some bleach and water and some scrubbing... 

pretty simple pattens made... i think by the looks of this one it is done with a stencil...

Kill all those germs... Death by Clean Graffiti... brought to you by this man doing it in a subway...

Environment friendly graffiti? Why not?

 Does it really take a genius to make our environment clean and actually be pleasing and refresshing to the eye?

Anyone can actually do this..

Some stencils... water spray... brush... and even some bleach...

Calling all artists! ^__^

Hmmm... all these photos were taken outside the Philippines...
I wonder if there are already campaigns such as these here. I myself would want to start one or support one starting here in Cebu. :)

Til next time art lovers! Mwah!

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