Tuesday, June 7, 2011

49 Days: What will you do?

As anyone who's been stalking my FB wall lately, you would know that I've been watching this great Korean TV series; 49 days. It's a 20 episode drama written by So Hyeon-Kyeong and directed by Jo Young-Kwang. Recently, I've been watching a lot of Asian dramas but as always I'm pretty much choosy when it comes to shows, only watching the interesting ones until the end.
49 Days
49 days is a beautiful story about Ji Hyun (Nam Gyu-Ri), a rich girl who's life was well and perfect. She was getting married to the man she was destined for and no one could be happier. But her life literally takes a sudden turn when an accident caused her to have a coma. Pronounced brain dead, Ji Hyun's soul wandered about and she met the Angel of Death a.k.a. the Scheduler (Jung Il Woo). He offered her 49 days to find 3 people who sincerely love her but this excludes anyone of blood relation. As proof she had to collect 3 tears. Ji Hyun then was "allowed" to take over a depressed person's body - Yi Kyung for a certain time. Ji Hyun felt confident that she would accomplish that mission easily.
Nam Gyu Ri and Lee Yo Won

On her first day "alive", Ji Hyun remembers why she got into an accident - she had seen her best friend and her fiancée being intimate and had driven blindly and so crashed into the back of a truck. Suddenly she's not that confident in finding those three persons.

But then Ji Hyun has always been known to be the optimistic princess and as she unexpectedly finds other people who care, she brings her hopes up and goes on to find people who can shed those three tears for her.

As the story goes on, Yi Kyeung discovers someone is possessing her body and soon enough Ji Hyun and Yi Kyung help each other and find something meaningful in their lives. The writer also gives a satisfying finish as she reveals a secret to the watchers.

The drama has a smooth script but isn't that heavy though I can't help but cry at the end. Ji Hyun gives an air of being a scatter brained at first but she is someone who is genuine and can do things if she puts her mind in it. Though she is definitely a cry baby, being in tears in almost every episode. Nam Gyu Ri performed her well.  Of course, Lee Yo Won (playing Yi Kyung) has always been considered a very good actress in Korea and her acting in the show was unquestionable considering that she had to play 2 different personalities.

On my own personal drama reflection; I also think what if I was given 49 days and be in the same situation? Would I do what the unselfish Ji Hyun did? Do I really know my friends? Can I forgive my fiancée (If I had one) for doing that? Can I forgive my best friend for plotting for my end? Would I have the grace to accept my end?

I can't speak for anyone but myself though but I really liked this drama and recommend it to you if you haven't seen it. ^__^

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