Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Has Just Recently Watched "Drive Angry 3D"

Wasn't able to watch this in 3D in a movie theater.  But I think it would have been awesome if I did since it's the good kind of 3D (i.e was shot with 3D cameras) and not the poor technique of post-production 3Ding of 2D-shot movies.  

This is not really a movie review.  Won't tell you much about it.  I wrote this just to say that I really love this movie, even though it received some negative reviews and has flopped in the box office.  I don't know why a lot didn't like it.  "Drive Angry 3D" was oozing with gritty action and contained both badass and very funny moments (the funniest scene though was already shown in the trailer).  The story and plot both felt cliche and unique, I can't really tell, but, nonetheless, they delivered.  

It also has three entertaining and fascinating characters (kudos also to the actors, as they successfully made the characters they played to be such) They were mean, badass motherf*@*##!!!

John Milton (the Protagonist/Anti-Hero)

Jonah King (the Villain)

The Accountant (Not Only The Best Character, But The Best Thing About This Movie)

The movie also has one of the baddest, raddest weapons ever in fiction...
It is badassly called as the "God Killer".  No joke.

Well, I can't guarantee that you will also like the movie as I did.  But if you care to watch it, here's the link:

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