Monday, July 18, 2011

Vhong Navarro is Awesome

Vhong Navarro is probably the most entertaining dancer in Philippine showbiz.  His dancing ideas and performing creativity are probably only second to Gary V (who is the "Philippines' Michael Jackson" in performance genius).  But Vhong's trademark dancing is definitely more humorous than Gary V's style.  

His Street Boys mates also deserve some kudos since they are also among the best in the business as they effectively compliment Vhong's performances.  

My favorite Vhong Navarro and Street Boys dance act is their "Evolution of Dance" - a medley of different dance crazes/styles through the years.  I first saw this act when they guested in Sharon Cuneta's show years ago.  They clearly got the idea from this stand-up comedian's own "evolution of dance" act (which is in the top 10 most viewed videos in Youtube).  Here is a video footage of the act:     

Vhong and the Street Boys also performed another epic but entirely different "evolution of dance" in the hit "Showtime" last year (if I get it right), which was first performed in ASAP during a birthday of Vhong.  Here was  his "Magpasikat" performance: 

Clearly, by these dances, we can see how an awesome performer Vhong Navarro is.

When not dancing in the "Experimental Theatre", Bernel is dancing in "The Bernel Zone"...

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