Friday, July 1, 2011

June 2011 Round-Up: The Month Where I (Bernel) Turned 22

Haha. That was shameless.  Plugging that it had been my birthday month.  I just couldn't think a good title for June's round-up.
Aside from yours truly becoming 22 years old this month, we also saw the Dallas Mavericks kicking the butts of the Miami Heat.  Thank you, Mavs!!!  Booyah! (Just sad that we have an NBA lockout in our hands right now)

Anyway, we're still alive in the month of June and we had (though few) some good posts this month:
 Prank-ly Speaking by Niki
 -the Chief shared some classic prank vids.
New TV Shows to Premiere this June by ANDOi
-some new shows to watch out for.
Has Just Recently Watched "Drive Angry 3D" by Bernel
-some thoughts about the movie.  note: it includes a link to where you can watch the movie in the Net.
49 Days: What will you do? by Niki
-the Chief highly recommends this Korean drama series.
Jimmy Kimmel's Most Epic Comeback by Bernel
-some hilarity.
The Filipino Happiness by Niki
-why are Filipinos a jolly race?
The Filipino Diabetic Part 1 by Maddy
-using her own experiences with her father as case study, Maddy presents us a highly informative post about the condition.
Top 10 Paradoxes by Bernel
-a fascinating list of brain busters.
* * *
That's all.  
Hmmm.  The Espada are kind of dead lately.  Just one post from them this month (and two in the last three months).  Oh, well.  Let's have a review (no change) of the standings:
ANDOi - Primera
 Carl Cathrx - Segunda
Ching - Tres
RD - Cuatro
We can't blame them.  They are not getting paid anyway.  Hahaha.  Still, you guys are very much welcome to post when you finally decided or thought of something to post ^__^
Anyway, us Big 3 (the founders) will keep this blog running... hopefully, forever...  

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