Monday, October 10, 2011

Experimental Theatre presents...

I've been busy the past many weeks and it seems I owe everyone more than a post. Hehehe. For starters, let me share a short movie that my EFCOM group made for our midterms.

Experimental Theatre Presents...

Invidia (latin: envy) is a short movie about Serena and Blaire, bestfriends and how one chose love over friendship and the other; friendship over love.
A group of friends visits a friend from a faraway province for her 18th birthday. They didn't know what a tragedy that visit would be.

Serena (Idy Cagas) has had a long time crush for Hans (Ran Tupas) and his surprise attendance at Steffi's (Betsy Pearl Sullano) party had her heart up in loops.

She excitedly asks her best friend Blair (Joana Jane Cabatingan) for some help in preparing for the party but keeping the reason to herself.

Meanwhile Hans found a confidante in Blair as he helps keep her secret and Serena grew jealous of their closeness. She shared her problems to a "demon" (Alexis Nacua) whom she found while crying in the middle of the nearby forest.
The demon then goads Serena into getting rid of her best friend to have Hans for herself.

The story then goes on with Serena growing obsessed about her emotions and letting the demon's words influence her thinking and actions.

It climaxes into Serena taking Blair hostage and finally Blair dies willingly into her best friend's arms. The ending reveals that Hans was actually taking Blair's advice on courting Serena and Serena's imagined causes for jealousy.

Invidia is not for the one who expects an Oscar-deserving result, but anyone who has been through the make-a-movie-as-your-requirement stage during college would definitely appreciate and praise this short movie.
For a movie done by amateurs (for lack of a better term ) it was definitely well executed and the actors and actresses did their parts very well.

Other characters include; Ripcord (Dominic Moneva), Eula (Su Jeong Jin), Carter (Daphne Olarte), Hiro (Marco Querubin), Sandra (Hedda Paquibot), Ellena (Erlyn Bolambao) and the doctor (Agnes Abapo).
The story was written by Maria Lourdes Sapitan who is fond of horror stories hence the dark themes of the short movie. It was also directed by her and Niki Reynes.


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  2. I'm working on that. Hehehe. I'll post it before mi mag inhouse (if ma inhouse) hehehe