Monday, October 10, 2011

And September barely passed...

Phew, last month has been hectic. Attending to some due papers, formalizing application forms, applying for graduation and etc... I've barely had time to breathe some fresh air but hey, you get rewards after hard work right?
Well, even though its late. Let me just do September's round up which consists of a few articles by our dedicated and awesome core group (except me that is, I was too busy :p).

There are of course 2 articles by our most dedicated founder, Bernel, who is a Sherlock Holmes fan like myself. These include;
Top 5 Reinventions of Sherlock Holmes - a list of some people who have honored Holmes and
Top 10 TV Shows Based On Movies.

Of course the most artistic of the group, Maddy shares a unique but definitely not a rare form of art to our readers in Clean Graffiti / Reverse Graffiti Project :)

I hope our readers appreciate them and keep on tuning on. Onward!

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