Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bernel's Bullets (Midnight of) 12/3/2011

Sorry, it has been more than two months since my last post.  Can't find time to write lately.  Even in my personal site.  It seems a lot of things are eating up my free time.  

Anyway, since this blog seemed to be dying a bit, let me post something.  Wish I can write an organized post, but this will do for now. I promise to post a better one as soon as I find time.  For now, here's some bullet thoughts for you...

  • This site got hit by a hacker and hosted some malware in it so Google had to block it :(  To fix the problem, Madz had to change our url address so the site can be visited again. That's why, if you notice, we're THE Experimental Theatre now.  Hope this won't happen again.  (UPDATE: it's back to
  • Ok.  I managed to find time to write at least one blog post this month. However, it was not here nor even on my site.  It's on Silverscreenandroll, a web community for Laker fans. It's a post on my basketball hero Kobe Bryant.  It's not the first Kobe post I wrote - I already wrote a few of them in my site - but it was my first Kobe post in that site.  If you wish to read it, here's the link:
  • Yehey!  Christmas is just around the corner.  And amidst all of the enjoyment and excitement, may we be reminded on what Christmas is all about.  Here's a cute video to remind you:  
  • Speaking of the NBA and Christmas, the nearly half-year lockout is over!  An early Christmas gift to all NBA fans out there.
  • Just recently, "House" just beat "The Twilight Zone" as my most favorite TV show ever.  House keeps on getting better and better, even though Cuddy is no longer in the show.  The writing is consistently superb!
  • I think I still have nearly a half a dozen 2011 movies I've downloaded that I haven't watched yet.  Really having not enough time to do the things I like to do.
  • As I write this, I'm currently downloading another movie.  As well, as an episode of "Psych".
  • Mozilla's "Download Helper" is awesome.
  • And I still have 5 books that I had bought this year that I haven't read yet.  Again, no time!
  • Compared to my college years, my book purchases for this year is significantly low.
  • Money problems... we'll always have money problems...
  • But God always provides my daily needs!
  • God is (always) awesome!
  • These days, the manga I am most excited to read each week is Hunter X Hunter.  
  • Got plenty of writing ideas and topics... arg!... really need to put them into articles soon.  Just continue to visit and check "The Experimental Theatre" and, my site, "The Bernel Zone" for new updates...
  • Here's a fun mind-stimulating vid for you as finale...

  • Sleepy. 

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