Sunday, May 22, 2011

Awesome cats

This blog loves cats. Remember the "Onward" pic. :)
I’d like to introduce you to five awesome cats that makes me go ooooh, ahhhh and kawaii!!

1. The Lynx
Wha.. what wazzat?
There are actually four of these medium sized wild cats (take note, wild, that means they should be out there in the forests or woods freely roaming about). The name means light or brightness which refers to the way their eyes shine. What makes them unique is the tuffs on their ears. Some say its to hear or communicate better... ooohhh... somewhat like an antenna eh?

Fact: Lynx cubs look like domestic cats at birth until about a few months and the kittens are pretty much aggressive.

2. The White Tiger
We are bored. Yup. Definitely. Bored.
They have blue eyes and white fur. These cats are pretty amazing to look at and I really want to see one live. They're pretty rare too. The White Tiger is an animal that I'd like to classify together with the Red Phoenix and the Turtle who carried the world (Fushigi Yuugi anyone?). They make me believe that the stuff in legends are true and that nothing is impossible. These tigers are also very rare with about a hundred in number in India.

Fact: White tiger cubs are generally larger than any other kind of Tiger.

3. The Black Panther/Jaguar/Leopard
I eat cat food!
Next to White is Black. Ever since the movie "The Jungle Book", black panthers have always had a significant place in my heart.
They give off an image of strength and . They're like princes. Their skin is like satin... sigh. They're pretty cool.

Fact: The color is either due to a dominant allele (for jaguars) and a recessive allele (for leopards). Two black cats can't produce another black one. :)

4. The Cheetah
Last one to the finish line eats the skunk.
The Cheetah is the fastest cat in the animal kingdom with speeds that can reach up to 70 to 75 mph. Wonder how it would feel to ride one. But it probably can't carry me. :p

Some Indian tribes even keep cheetahs for hunting animals like the antelope.

Fact: Its weak genes contribute to this cat's rarity.

5. The Domestic cat
Well, of course I couldn't leave out the domestic cat. The greatest thing about them is... you can have them for free. No red tape, no smuggling, no taking them out of their own habitats. They're less moody and they're very cuddly too.

Fact: They eat almost anything. Meow!

Having pets can be therapeutic to you. They can ease your mood when you get home. They can even eat the extra food on your table (voila, no waste). Although, I do not recommend them for those who have asthma and allergies.

*random fact: All the pets/ pests we have in our house were all just accidental. O_o
She talkin' about us?


  1. Can you change the domestic ones to Saber-toothed Tigers hehe Ü