Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Royal Jester

It's been long since I haven't posted here. Is the blog dying? Nuuu!

I really need to post something and I have decided to post on a new illustration I made. After all at I have said on my introduction that drawings I made would be featured here.

My first drawing feature was about my winning entry on an OCD or original character design, contest in Ofest or Otakufest Cebu 2011. It was entitled Papiliohedyloid and I thankfully won the contest.

This next feature is actually a created to symbolize a slice of my life. The Royal Jester basically is inspired from a blossoming friendship I have with my classmate in Animation class. He and I grew to be good friends and belonged to a same group of friends. We worked together, helped each other out in our projects, got to know each other personally and we regarded each other as close friends.

Looking at the picture you would ask, "are you really just friends?" because you see in the illustration, obviously they don't portray as "just friends" right?
Right now, all I can say is, he and I have grown to be closer to each other. The details I cannot share since this part of my life is a treasure that only he and I and the Lord share. Our little sweet secret.

But why share this on the blog when I meant to keep the details of how we grew a secret anyway? Answer is, I will have to acknowledge that there is something special between me and him and I won't deny that. I would leave the mystery to the readers and viewers of this blog.

Look at the illustration. What could it portray? Every element to the drawing has a purpose. They are already clues to what it is all about.

I will not agree or disagree to whatever comes into your mind. If you got it, then good, if not, it's ok. You wouldn't know either way hahaha...

^_^ so thank you guys for viewing. Hope you'd visit again and check out other posts in this blog... xoxo!

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