Monday, May 30, 2011

Bernel's Bullets - 5/30/11

Sometimes (or often), I get lazy writing an article.  Or, rather, the effort of organizing the sentences to form a coherent article makes me lazy.  So I thought that instead of writing a constructed essay, whenever I get lazy, I will just scribble my thoughts organized in items by bullet-pointed listing.  By this, I will be unloading my thoughts like bullets being fired from the chambers of a revolver.  This writing-style is not an original of mine.  Plenty of other writers in newspapers and blogs did this before in their article writing.  I did this several years ago in a Friendster blog (when I had made my “hell fighter” account) and I will give it a go in this blog.  The “Bernel's Bullets” shall also replace future “Random Interesting Things I Find in the Internet” posts, since I will just put those Internet contents I want to share in BB posts.        

So, ready?  I’ll fire away after the jump…

  • The Mavs and Heat are back in the Finals.  Just like in 2006.  Hmmm.  Actually, I’m feeling a bit of déjà vu this 2011.  It has the feeling of 2006.  Really.  I mentioned in the 5th year anniversary post of how it is similar with the debut post of the blog in 2006: Lakers loss and writing about it as therapy (and I still can’t spell “therapy”, MS Word just corrected me after I typed “teraphy – just like 5 years ago).  Anyway, not only that but I still find some other parallels with 2006 and 2011.  I won’t elaborate.  But the feeling in the air is the same.  Really.  If the Heat wins the championship – like what they did in 2006 – other things that had happened in 2006 might happen again in 2011.  I am not superstitious, but I admit, I’m a little bit uncomfortable that 2011 might turn out like 2006, since there are things in 2006 that I don’t want to happen again.  In the late part of 2006, supertyphoon “Reming” (prior to that, a weaker supertyphoon – but still a supertyphoon nonetheless – “Milenyo”) hit the land, and though, I admit, in an adrenaline-pumping exciting way, I had fun with the experience, it had left great destruction.  And, also, I got my heart broken for the first time in 2006.  Definitely, don’t want that to happen again.   Heartbreak is so complicated.
  • And, by the way, if it’s not yet obvious to you, I am rooting for the Dallas Mavericks to win the NBA crown this year.  Not only because avoiding a 2006 parallel event will make me feel better, but because I like Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd to win a championship.  Also, because I nearly always root for the team that comes out in the Western Conference. 
  • Still, the Miami Heat’s defense in this post-season impressed me a lot.  And because of this, I think it is very likely that they will come out on top.
  • I am most impressed by LeBron James’ emergence as an awesome defender.  He used to be just all “stat defense.”  Blocks and steals do not really translate to being a good defender.  But now, he is able to use his athleticism, speed, and strength in being as good at defense as much as he used them to be good at offense.
  • Now, clearly, LeBron is the best player in the NBA.  In years prior to 2009, it was Kobe Bryant.  In 2009 and 2010, it was a matter of debate between the two, but, I can still objectively say that Kobe was still better than LeBron during those years.  But, now in the present, LeBron is the best.  Kobe vs. LeBron debates are no longer fun, since objectivity says it’s LeBron.  No more need for interesting and hot discussions. 
  • I can’t blame Pippen for claiming that LeBron is even better than Jordan, though I still think that the comment was idiotic since it’s too still early at this point to say anything.  LeBron can do anything – score, rebound, pass, and, now, defend – very well.  He can play the positions 1 to 4, and had guarded against 1 to 5.  Indeed, if he continues to develop, he is on the path on becoming the greatest player that ever lived.  But it’s still premature to say or claim anything.  There will be a point in his career that he would have to stop relying on his raw talent and physical athleticism, and by then, he should have a lethal skill-set, like what Kobe has, to continue performing as good as he is now or even better by then.
  • Kobe might be looking with envy on LeBron’s raw talent, strength, size, and athleticism. He’s probably thinking of the awesome possibilities if he possesses them along with his great mind, motivation and focus – which what I love about him most – and the arsenal of skills he had developed.  As a fan, I always think of it: that if Kobe has LeBron's raw talent, physical attributes, and athleticism, he would be godlike unstoppable.  
  • So I hope LeBron will not waste the awesome gifts and potential that he has.  LeBron should at least emulate Kobe’s focus and obsession for greatness, and these would lead him to be the best basketball player ever.  
  • It is still possible for Kobe Bryant to reclaim the throne as the best next season and disprove the general opinion that he is now in his decline.  As a fan, of course, I wish that.
  • Mike Brown as Lakers new headcoach?!  I am no fan of Brown.  And even if Brown was the best available coach, the management handled the hiring badly.  Oh, well, nothing else we can do about it but grant him the benefit of a doubt, and give him a chance to prove himself before we crucify him.  
  • By any chance we can get Deron Williams and Dwight Howard to join Kobe and the Lakers this post season?
  • Go Lakers! 2012 NBA Champions!
  • Now for something unrelated to the NBA…Have you seen the series finale of Smallville?  I loved Smallville… when the story was set mainly on Smallville.  I was a regular viewer in the first four or five seasons.  Then the show lost me.  I watched an episode occasionally.  But not frequent enough to really grasp the entirety of a season plot.  However, when I learned that Season 10 would be the last season of Smallville, I started to watch regularly again.  Season 10 had its high parts, and has some wacky facepalm parts.  But I find three things greatly disappointing: a) Bruce Wayne/Batman never made into the show, as they settled with an Oliver Queen/Green Arrow instead; b) Kristin Kreuk (as Lana Lang) did not made any return in the last season; and b) Clark only started flying and wearing the Superman costume in the finale.  I had expected that he would have done both somewhere in the middle of season 10.  What rocks about the finale was the return of Michael Rosenbaum (as Lex Luthor).  What sucks, though, was everything else.  Anyway, if you were a fan of Smallville at some point, you owe it to at least watch its finale.  Here’s the link, and I hope you already know how to watch videos in megavideo. 
  • Oh, I’m excited about this new “Muppets” movie…
  • Also excited for the rebooted Spidy movie scheduled for next year. 
  • Hey, do you remember this?  The intro (which is the best part) of the GI-Joe movie.  Enjoy, fellow fans.  One notable youtube comment of this vid: "Thumps Up if you are listening to this song because Osama Bin Laden was finally killed by G.I. Joe!!!!!"
  • This is old… but, still, which first lady is hotter?  Spain’s or France’s?
  • That is all for my first “Bernel's Bullets” post.  Till next time.

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  1. brunettes are sexier than blondes and they got more brains ? just kidding haha

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