Sunday, April 3, 2011

Keeping My Summer Cool

Summer season has just started and I can feel the heat prickling my skin already. What I would give for some Halo-Halo or maybe even just a sundae at McDonald’s.If you haven't got it yet, this post is gonna be all about food. Summer food. 

One of the cheaper and faster way to cool down during a hot summer day is go to the neighboring mini store and buy some ice candy. It's cold, its convenient, and it has a lot of flavours. It's also easy to make one at home. One satisfying treat if I must say so myself.

In my pre-college days, some classes or rather cleaning activities extended beyond March. And after those activities I always remember one or two peddlers selling those yummy looking colored liquid with floating jellies (gulaman). Memorable afternoon delights that lightened our tired moods.

Another summer treat that makes me reminisce my high school days is the Mais con Yelo. There was this place a few blocks away from our school that was everyone's favorite store to buy similar treats. Students also spend their afternoon dates there or hang out with friends.

When you're in the city area of Cebu, you can't really find an ice candy in the nearby store or a "clean" looking sago and gulaman on the dusty high way. If you're in a hurry and want something cold soon. You can always go to the nearest McDonald's or Jollibee and get a sundae. Hehehehe

But the best cold treat I choose would have to be the Halo-halo. Shaved ice combined with tropical fruits and beans, add some evaporated milk and top it off with a scoop of ice cream or maybe even 2. I have a lot of memories with this Filipino delicacy and I'm sure you have too.

Apart from the top choices, I'd also go for a gelato anytime.

Sheesh, writing this post is making me hungry... Off to find a sundae. Did I say it's also available 24 hours a day? ^_^
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