Saturday, April 2, 2011

March 2011 Round-Up: Saying Au Revoir to March

Wow, I think I saw the numbers hurrying up in this month. From the 572 views last month, we had about 813 views as of this post. This baby blog (3 months) sure is growing up fast. As for the month recap, I’ll be giving it a twirl. Feels like I had my own graduation. Hehehe

Anyway, here we go;
- you think the internet is getting boring? think again. ^_^

- Maddy recalls her Ragnarok days

Flipped by Niki
- the chief shares a cute movie

I'm a Fan by ANDoi
- a piece of ... art?

I miss home by ching
- ching shares what she misses back in the home country

Facebook is eating me alive! by

Writers' Hierarchy As Of March 31, 2011
Niki - "The Chief"
Maddy - Blog Manager
Bernel - Blog Manager
ANDoi  Primera
Carl CathrxSegunda 
Ching - Tres
RD - Cuatro
Another rank change for this month. Though, we didn't get a new writer for March, we're still recruiting. ^_^

Bonjour avril!
3 months have come and gone and I look forward to what the writers of this blog can come up with. This blog makes me go forth and surf other sites online and not only keep myself in Facebook.

We're keeping up despite busy schedules and other things that happens in the real life and putting so and so in writing. ^_^

Now that March has ended, I expect a lot of summer-y posts in April and so forth. And also more contributors. There's even a rumour of a surprise for this month for the readers so keep on following us to find out more. I'd also like to invite our guests to drop comments and suggestions whenever. It would mean a lot. ^_^

the cat feels so epic