Friday, April 1, 2011

5 Random Interesting Things I Found in the Internet #3

Not much stuff to share, but hey...

5.) It's Friday

I hate what Rebecca Black did.  My favorite day would be forever associated to the crappiest song ever written.

At the bright side, it makes me LOL that people with musical talents started covering the song and uploaded these to youtube.  And they all ended up better than the original!  I mean these guys PARODIED the song and their versions ended up having a better like-to-dislike ratio.  Which is like a big FU to Ms. Black.  "Hey, even our crap is better than what you can ever do!"

Anyway, here could be the best cover of the song:

If you still can't enjoy it due to the ridiculous lyrics of this song, how about this, an orchestra version, which is lyric-free (you still have to suffer some clips from the stupid music video though):

4.) Good Dose of Badassery Each Week

Here's a site that chronicles badass people (historical or fictional):

Entries are written weekly.

Two of the people they wrote about (and I have read) are of our Filipino hero, Lapu-Lapu, and the Bible's King David.  Could be the most entertaining bios I have read about them.

3.) Greatest Archeological Find Ever!

Whoa!  Archeologists at a dig-site in Issyk Kul, Kyrgyzstan uncovered a burial site for giants.  This was the first giant skeleton that they unearthed.  There could be more!  Scholars are rushing to the site as I write this.

Pretty exciting?  Well, this is more exciting...

2.) Greatest Astronomical Find Ever! 

While archeologists dug up a giant's skeleton, astronomists in Dominion Astrophysical Observatory took this picture.  See nothing special?  Well, look closely.  The astronomists accidentally took a picture of a real angel! 

Still can't see it?  Let me help you...

Amazing.  Illusion or a real angel?  You decide.

These are great Internet stuff for today.  A Friday.  

1.) However, Aside From Being a Friday, Today is... 


That means the previous two entries of this post are NOT true.  

Anyway, here's a great April Fool's Day article...

And some photos of hilarious pranks on passed-out drunk people in...

Visit "The Bernel Zone" for more interesting stuff (i.e. more Bernel)...


  1. and I first thought it was a bat. Took moments really to get the picture. hehehe

  2. Hi, wondering from where you copied the angel photo ..