Sunday, February 6, 2011


Hello guys!
I don't know if I am even allowed to do this
but I am posting my entry to the OtakuFest Original Character Design Competition last Saturday February 5, 2010.
I learned that a lot of the participants were already |m/, artists ... that I was so shocked to hear that I won the Contest. And they declared only one winner.
So I want to thank my friends who supported me. There were only a few people I knew there in that event. And I am pretty sure no one knows me there too haha...
And I want to thank Tricia for being my shining star on the event. ^__^ Love you sis! you're my Lucky Star! mwaaaah!
so here it is..

Human scientists from planet earth call this alien life form Papiliohedyloid from a planet not so much different from ours. Papiliohedyloids are a genial and refined race of aliens. Their population in their planet which humans called Angiodea, is around half the earth’s people population. These people may resemble a lot of qualities of an earthly human in physical anatomy and way of living, having emotions and high mental deftness. Dependent on plant-life as their main source of food and other necessities, they live like butterflies and insects in a way, and expect their planet to be teeming with much flora.
Meanwhile, Papiliohedyloids have a very peculiar behavior—they hate the state of dying. Aside from their obsession in sustaining life, not just for each other but for their planet as well, they have an eccentric attitude towards death, dying and withering. Though they age, it takes them centuries before they “die” in the form of transferring their “essence” of life to any living form.
They have a long and difficult way to reproduce. They copulate similarly like humans, but a female has to wait five-eight years before she gets pregnant and pregnancy reaches up to 3 years before giving birth.
When humans from planet earth discovered this planet, they made attempts to seize dominion over Angiodea for it is a very suitable place for humans to live, since in their time, the Earth is about to give away, from the ruins and devastation of world wars.
In this drawing, this Papiliohedyloid is holding something what humans call as Springblade. In a sense it is a weapon and in another sense it is not. These creatures have very strong sense that can detect the energy level of another creature. The race actually uses the Springblade to end someone or any lifeform who is dying, similar to euthanasia-- and it will only be used for that purpose. However, once that living form is “killed”, three days later, that living form will be fully restored back again. The blade actually plants a “seed” of life into that creature and will restore its life. This time, a symbol that resembles a butterfly will mark that creature as someone/thing revived by a Springblade.
Earthly humans—and other aliens, fancied to get hold of this Springblade for it is a powerful weapon. However, there is a secret to this weapon more than they know. In the end humans will realize that the shrewd Papiliohedyloids have another strange behavior—they can make other lifeforms as their energy source by extracting their “life essence”.


  1. Wooooh!!!!! So proud of you Madz!!!! Nag announcement jud ko diri sa Toledo... ^_^

  2. wow congrats. whats the prize?