Monday, March 21, 2011

The Crappiest Song Ever!!!

WARNING: This is going to be a massively sadistic torturing of your ears.  Listen at your own risk.  You've been warned!

The effect of the song to a listener
And this vid actually went viral!  As I write this, it has more than 28 million views.  But look a bit closer at the ratio of likes to dislikes.
my point exactly...
Ok, I might be exaggerating.  There might be a worse song out there than this crap.  But nothing comes to mind as of now (remind me if you thought of a worse song).  Nonetheless, this is at least one of the the worst songs ever made.

Or at least when it's sang by Rebecca Black, it's the worst song ever.  Because, when covered by others, it sounds better!

Here's how it sounds with actually some "talent" in it:

There are other covers of "Friday" that you can watch in youtube that is better than the original.  

Here's another one:  

Made me LOL.  As one youtube commenter pointed out:
The fact that this video was made for fun, and the original video was made seriously still makes me laugh.
This cover > Original.

Is this song the worst song ever?  Or it is just real bad because Ms. Black sang it?  You be the judge.

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  1. I think I'm a little apprehensive about listening to this. Hehehe.