Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Top 5 Favorite Animated Full Length Films ^_^

5. How to Train Your Dragon
By DreamWorks
Based on the book How to Train Your Dragon

Now Hiccup is such an odd name for a leading male protagonist.
The story goes around a Viking chief’s son, Hiccup, and his dragon Toothless, which is a Night Fury.
I love this movie, primarily because I find Toothless cut. ROFL X].
I love how they conceptualized the kinds of dragons in this story. They are described to be gruesome and ferocious beasts, however in the movie, I find their characters funny. Hehe ^_^

4. Summer Wars
directed by Mamoru Hosoda and written by Satoko Okudera from a story by Hosoda. The film was produced by Madhouse and released by Warner Bros. Pictures Japan.
This for me is by far the best anime movie I have seen.
The human characters are really just designed so typical anime style. But it’s the part when they get in to the Ethernet, the animation and the concept designs amaze me, not yet mentioning the plot and twists.
I highly recommend everyone to watch this. Bear with the English subs.
It is a great story about technology, family, and friendship.

3. Final Fantasy VII—Advent Children
This is one long animated movie, and the oldest among my selection. This one has been released on 2005, however until now, this animated movie might forever be my favorite game based 3D animated movie that I have seen…unless something more awesome comes along.

Must be how perfect each character was created, the effects, are just so organic. I have to admit that they could have worked more on their facial expressions—they all look so serious. But the animation, especially where the action scenes are, is just so flawless and unbelievable.
I hope someday they could create an animated movie as detailed and as lifelike as this one… or even more awesome. ^___^

2. Despicable Me
And he turned out to be a good dad. I love this story of an aspiring supervillain named Gru. He he adopts three little girls so he could use them for his plans against his rival Vector. Later it turned to hit that soft spot in him.
For me, the reason why I love this movie, is because the producers and the makers of this film could actually put up with what the big animation companies do.
I loved how they conceptualized the characters and how their personalities were developed. The little yellow minions too are by far irresistibly cute and hilarious. XD
Aside from the character design, the concepts behind Gru’s technology and Vector’s technology, amazes me. One of my favorite parts is when he read a bedtime story for the 3 girls and when he took them to the theme park.

1. Tangled
By far my favorite fairytale animated movie! XD It greatly made Rapunzel’s story so much better than the original. The writers made a lot of good twists to the plot as well. I believe this is Disney’s greatest (and sad to say, last) fairytale princess movie ever showed. Incredibly hilarious and touching, the movie has reached down the little girl in me who dreams to become a princess.
Aside from the two leading human characters, the step mother, the bandits, the warriors, Pascal the chameleon and Maximus the horse, were remarkably portrayed.
The stepmother is portrayed like as if she was the good person that Rapunzel could depend on... the way she was portrayed indicates the evil that blinds people from really enjoying the light.
Pascal the chameleon, is just so adorable. Who would have thought of having this kind of character as a princess's pet and bestfriend?
Maximus, the horse who acts like dog, really got me laughing... horse portrayed like a K9, why not? I was highly entertained.
Now the songs were superb as well...wanna make a playlist of them all haha..."at last I've seen the light...."

I don’t care what other people think. As for me, these are the TOP FIVE that I found most entertaining and exciting. ^____^ But if you want to know the rest of the nominees, here’s a list of those who almost got to my top 5…
Shrek, 2, 3 and forever after
Toy Story, 2 and 3
Princess and the Frog
Monsters Inc
Mulan, 2
Steamboat Willie (oh yeah that first appearance of Mickey Mortimer Mouse)
Samurai X movies
…and actually many more…hahaha

Oh there goes my post ^__^
Love you guys…

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