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Manga: My Top Five Faves

How has everyone fared in February? I do hope it has been a good month for everyone. :)
Its been a busy month for me and I'll try making it up to everyone. Anyway, for this week's post, I'd like to share one of the things I am interested in which is Manga or Japanese comics. I also watch anime but since I have lesser time, I read. I'd like to share with you the top five titles I try to get myself updated with regularly.

                                                                          5. Bartender
Ryu Sasakura

Written by: Araki Joh
Illustrated by: Kenji Nagatomo
Genre: Slice of Life

It is about a one of a kind bartender (Ryu) who makes the perfect cocktail mixes for his customers. His cocktails are called "glass of the gods" because they are perfect for whatever mood the clients are in.
The manga changed my view about bars and bartenders. In a bar, different stories are told and sometimes a drink can heal old wounds and make bonds that lasts after years.
It also introduces different types of wines and their history. It actually makes you wanna drink the wine that the story talks about.

"I think... what this liquor holds is a prayer" Ryu Sasakura when asked what a bottle of Eau De Vie (Brandy) contains. 

4. Skip Beat
Ryu, Kyoko and Sho
Written by: Nakamura Yoshiki
Illustrated by: Nakamura Yoshiki
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Shoujo, Romance
The story is about a girl (Kyoko) who wants to become a star to get revenge on the man who broke her heart.
I really like this manga because Kyoko is a sweet girl at first, martyr and kind but as the story progresses, you get to see the reason why she takes on a stronger personality and still maintain a feminine stand. And also because, she maybe the protagonist but she doesn't get beaten around like some other stories.

"Even if..It’s God’s will..,
Even if..It’s Destiny..
I shall..Destroy it.
Even if....I must go against God
" Ren Tsuruga, one of the male protagonist, on making a move on Kyouko.

Kawai Maria
3. Akuma To Love Song
Written by: Tomori Miyoshi
Illustrated by: Tomori Miyoshi
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Psychological, Romance, Shoujo
She looks like an Angel but every time she has a very sharp tongue and very straightforward. The Manga centers on Kawai Maria. She looks so innocent and fragile but actually she's a girl who is very frank and honest with what she says to the point that it offends other people.
I like the drama in this series because it isn't common. Also, you learn to appreciate the honesty that she shows others and the effort she gives in making friends who accepts her for who she is. Also, the manga makes you contemplate on a lot of things.

"Why doesn't the witch, who can use her magic to transform a shabby girl into someone lovely, cast a spell on herself? The witch does not use the magic on herself because she knows the emptiness that follows when the spell breaks." a quote from the manga.

Daisuke and Hina
2. Bitter Virgin*
Written by: Kei Kusunoki
Illustrated by: Kei Kusunoki
Genre: seinen, slice of life, drama, psychological
A playboy who falls in love with a girl who seemed to hate men. Sounds cliche right? But the manga is totally not that. Daisuke (male lead) is a playboy who accidentally hears the confession of a classmate (Hinako). Surprised that it was the most quiet and reserved  girl in his class, he is intrigued and hides her secret suddenly understanding why she is the way she is.
What I really love about this manga is the depth of the story. The author writes the emotions well and even though you cannot relate with the characters, you can feel the realistic plot that has been woven.

"If you can't have it... you tend to destroy it." a quote from the manga
*note: This manga is already finished

One Piece Logo
1. One Piece
Written by: Eiichiro Oda
Illustrated by: Eiichiro Oda
Genre: action, adventure, comedy, drama, shonen
My favorite Manga ever, One Piece is about a group of interesting individuals gathered together by the main character, Luffy, and their adventures together. It already has about 600 plus chapters and still ongoing.
Because of the many characters this story has, you get to read a lot of stories rolled into one. I like this manga because I like the characters and the inspiring mini stories it has. I also like the fight scenes. It is interesting to witness the different powers of the magic fruits in the story.

Reading, is the cheapest way to get to different places. ^_^

 Other mangas I also like;
Nana by Ai Yazawa
Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima
Othello by Satomi Ikezawa

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