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(Since It's Valentines Month...) Top 10 Love Songs

For several years, every time the Valentines season arrives, I had posted “Bah, humbug!” as my status messages in the social networks I belonged in (first in Friendster, then in Facebook).  This year however, I am in the mood to “celebrate” the spirit of the season.  So, for my contribution to the Experimental Theatre this week, I am going to make this top 10 love songs.

Ranking love songs is hard.  Why?  Because 90% of all songs ever made have love or romance or something somehow related to love as their message or theme (Love or romance as a theme is everywhere). 
Air Supply accounts for half of that 90%
So, I’m going to make the category of "love song" a little bit more definite by setting a context.  The only songs qualified to make the list are songs that are “romantic”.  You know, yung nakaka-in love kung baga.  I also excluded songs that are too “heartbreaking” for consideration, even if they have the “romantic” feel.  So, with a heavy heart, I have to not include my favorite Bon Jovi rock ballads, like “Bed of Roses”, “This Ain’t A Love Song”, and (especially) “Always”.  Though, there are one or two “heartbreak” ballads that made the cut, they are not that too heavily… mmm, what’s the right word… anguishing.  I hope you get what I mean.  Again, the category of love songs that I used is “it should be romantic” – the kind of music you would prefer to play in the background when you share a romantic dinner or a romantic (“sweet” – why is it called that way?) dance with that special someone.        

(I also disqualified songs that were “traumatic” to me. LOL)

With that made clear, let’s start with number 10, after the jump…

10.) "KARMA KAMELEON" (by Boy George & Culture Club)

Just kiddin'...

Now, let me now start the list for REAL...

10.) "CONSTANTLY" (by Nina)

"Always" (the Atlantic Starr song, not the Bon Jovi one), originally, had the 10th spot but "Constantly" knocked it out of its spot.  I really like "Constantly" when I first heard of it, but not enough for it to make a top 10 love song list back then.  It was only recently that I appreciate this song enough for it to earn a spot in this top 10 ^__^

9.) "LOVE OF MY LIFE" (by Southborder)

First image result of Google when you search for "love of my life"...
Click here for the video, since embedding was disabled by the uploader (hmp. kill joy)

This could had been number one if I was still in high school.  But that love story is over. LOL.  Anyway, I still like this song.  Especially love the saxophone solo.

8.) "OUT OF MY LEAGUE" (by Stephen Speaks)

A gem from a "one-hit" wonder like Stephen Speaks (American band who only made it big in the Philippines) is a gem nonetheless.  I love the piano score, and the lyrics... man, that's just beautiful.  Something you can relate to if you are very much thankful for her since you believe that you don't deserve her in the first place.

7.) "I'LL BE OVER YOU" (by Toto) 

One of my favorite songs to sing in Videoke. LOL.  It's powerful and provoking.  Yes, it's a "heartbreak" song, but it effectively describes the feeling or sentiments of someone freshly heartbroken, as if you'll only be over her "as soon as forever is through".

6.) "HEAVEN KNOWS" (by Rick Price)  

This is the greatest "heartbreak" song ever (in my opinion).  It's all about surrendering your love, with no bitterness, and letting fate be... but still hoping.

5.) "YOUR LOVE" (by Alamid)

What I like most about this song is though you are not "in love", the emotion and power of the song still give you goosebumps and bring tears to your eyes.  (Aside from that, I also won two competitions with "Your Love" as the piece).

4.) "LOVE WILL KEEP US ALIVE" (by The Eagles)

This song was an original for the "Hell Freezes Over" concert which reunited the band after 14 years.  Since then, the song caught fire and become one of the most popular love songs in the airwaves... up till now.

3.) "A WHOLE NEW WORLD" (by Brad Kane & Lea Salongga)

For the movie scene, click here.

Alladin and Jasmine is my second favorite Disney couple, second to Belle and the Beast.  And the Carpet Ride Scene is the second most romantic scene in Disney, which is, again, second to the Ballroom Scene of Belle and the Beast.  But the song of the Carpet Ride Scene is definitely more romantic than the Ballroom Scene's.  I really like the underlying message of the song.

2.) "RUNAWAY" (by The Corrs) 

Simple lyrics, but very moving song nonetheless.  I got nothing more to say, just appreciate the song.

1.) "YOU'RE STILL THE ONE" and "FROM THIS MOMENT ON" (by Shania Twain)

Ah, two songs in one slot.  Really, they should go hand in hand.

"What?!  That's cheating!" you say.  Well, guess what, this is my list.  So, sue me.

Anyway, again, this two go hand in hand.  I love both songs a lot (and I love Shania).  Very good messages.  It would be really nice if (God willing), someday, someone would sing "You're Still the One" to me.  That's how love must be... enduring no matter what.  And, sure, "From This Moment On" is already a cliche on weddings, but in all the love songs I have heard, it is the most perfect song for a wedding.  So, IF ever (again, IF! LOL) I am going to marry, this is the main song I want to be sang for the wedding. 

A month ago, you won't hear me saying stuff like this. hahaha.

There you go.  That's my top 10 love songs.  I'll leave you to comment your opinions or your own top 10 choices.

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