Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Two Cents' Worth On Some Incoming 2011 Movies

Watching movie trailers in youtube could eat up a lot of your time.  Sometimes, you only meant to view one particular trailer, but you see some other movie trailer in the "Suggestions" that makes you "Oh, this looks interesting, just this one more..." and click on to view it.  But that will not be actually "just this one more".  No.  Another trailer in the "Suggestions" would make you go "Oh, this looks interesting, just this one more..." again.  And then another one.  And so on.  Pretty soon, you have spent half an hour (or more) watching a long train of movie trailers.
kind of like when drinking alcohol...
many "just one more" later, and you're drunk
Anyway, let me share you a particular "train of movie trailers" that I had just a few days ago.  In no particular order (since I forgot the order of how I viewed them), here are the trailers, and some short thoughts about the movie.  Join me after the jump...

I love the first two Big Momma movies.  I am not ashamed to admit that they made me laugh.  This movie smells of something that might fail.  But I'm still going to watch it.  As you've seen in the trailer, it has some fun parts.  The only bummer thought that I can think of about this film is why is it possible that a 3rd Big Momma film got made before a more badass Martin Lawrence action-comedy like Bad Boys?
Aw. Cute.  Could be the biggest animated film in the first half of 2011.

Definitely going to watch this.  It looks to be some pretty solid entertainment.

A mix of sci-fi (a genre I love), western (another genre I love), 007 (one of my favorite fictional characters), and Indiana Jones (another favorite fictional character)?  Looks like a guarantee for a badass and cool film.

WOW! JUST WOW! This trailer was badass!  I am not familiar with the comic book this was based from.  And I will not look it up.  It's better that way - to have no idea on the overall premise and how the plot could turn out.  I would be more entertained if I will have no expectations.  This approach worked when I watched other movies based on comic books I am not familiar with like "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World", "Red", and "Surrogates".

"You keep your head down."  "I know how to blend in", and then, a scene rolls of him putting on a hood.  I got to LOL at the silliness of the sequence.  Come on (rolls eyes).  Then they reveal that the hero's girl was actually the "number 6".  Again, come on!  That could have been an emphatic twist.  Why should they reveal it in the trailer?  Bad trailer.  Didn't make me interested at all.

Hmmm.  Looks badass... And Nikita is in it.  So, okay, I'll watch this.

Promising premise (try saying that fast ten times).  Almost like "Night at the Museum".  But does it really have to be Kevin James?

There are actually other trailers I had watched that day, but if I post them all, this would make this post too long.  And my reactions to them ranged from "Meh" to "Oookkkay.  Might watch it, might not watch it. Next!" anyway. So, that is all (for now)...

Movie trailers are invaluable in helping us choose on what movie is worth wasting spending our time or/and money.  Though, trailers could mislead sometimes.  One good examples was "The Happening".  It looked really good in promos, but it was actually trash.  And because of "The Happening", any goodwill M. Night Shyamalan got from his early movies vanished.  We now hate the man.  

Still, watching trailers helps...

Thanks for killing some time in the "Experimental Theatre"
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