Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Favorite All Time Cartoon

My favorite all time cartoon is.... Nope, not Tom and Jerry. Sheesh. But Popeye The Sailor.
Popeye and his spinach

For those who haven't been exposed to this awesome cartoon. hehehe
Popeye the Sailor is a fictional hero that becomes strong when eating spinach.It first appeared in some comics, though I was only exposed to it on TV.

Top Five Reasons for liking Popeye;

5. He is Patient
Yup, that he is. It usually takes several taunts from Bluto (the main antagonist) before he fights back and when he fights back, its just one hit that settles it all
Popeye the Sailor: Cooking with Gags

4. He is Kind
He is so kind to a fault. Olive (his love interest in the movie) even demeans him several times and still he loves her. Bluto just asks an apology and he accepts it (even if Bluto's just faking)

3. He's not Perfect
He has speech problems but that doesn't make him bitter. He has a squinty eye but still that doesn't make him lose his self esteem.

2.He's Loyal
He only loves Olive. Hehehe

1. He can give a mean punch
This one's actually my favorite and that's why its number 1. When he punches and wood become chairs, beehives become honey and etc.... I like it when he punches things and it transforms into shaped things. It amuses me. Hehehe

And that's it for Popeye the Sailor Man... Toot-toot!

(I'm not good with these top whatevers... but bear with me :p)

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  1. remembered that episode...

    sometimes, olive can be such a bitch