Monday, March 14, 2011

5 Random Interesting Things I Found in the Internet #2

Here's another installment of some internet finds of mine...

5.) Meow

Really funny.  But what was the reaction of the cats to vid?

4.) God Smiled

If I get it right, this was the original version of "Lord, You Are Good" Dance (by Israel Houghton)...

My lovely sisters (in Christ) performed the dance, too, in one of our concerts...

But still this is the best cover of the dance...

Ok, the last one was hilarious.  But nonetheless, all three performances made God smile (or laugh) and was glorified.

3.) Facebook Fails

For your laugh trip sessions, go to 
"Funny Facebook Statuses, Fails, LOLs and More" as the site describes itself.

I, myself, am starting to learn to print screen epic moments I encounter in Facebook.  For the purpose of having a collection of hilarious and embarrassing fails by my FB friends.

2.) Crazy Drummer

Just enjoy it.

1.) Disturbing... but Hilarious

Here are some drawings done by kids that were labeled as disturbing:

These are my favorite of the bunch...

For me, they were more hilarious than "disturbing".

Visit "The Bernel Zone" for more interesting stuff (i.e. more Bernel)...

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