Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February 2011 Round-Up: Late-Coz-I-Forgot-That-February-Only-Has-28-Days

We’re now 2 months old… and there’re already signs of us being lazy super busy which hinder us from doing each one’s weekly post.  Well, it can’t be helped, but let’s hope this is not a sign of this blog dying already.  But I guess not, traffic is still low but pretty respectable for a starting blog.  We had 572 views this month from 254 unique visitors (IP addresses).    

Here’s our Valentines month recap…

New Member of the Team

- The introductory post of our new member - a certified veteran blogger.

The Contributions

"You" by RD
- A poem to start February... to get into the "Valentines" mood. 

"Trivia Time!" by Carl Cathrx
- Fun Pinoy trivia list.

- People are like onions.  Let this original song explain.

- It's not Valentines without love songs.

- A repost from an epic viral FB note.

- Sharing her joy and glory after winning an original character design contest.

- A post that the Chief dedicated to her duty mates.  (I don't know why...)

- Some movie previews.

- The first list-style post in this blog that was not written by me.

- The Chief ❤ Popeye

- Cool song and nice story behind the song.  (though, I didn't get it much)

- Just read it. 

- The Chief doing a list-style post.

- Written hours before the Academy Awards started.

Writers' Hierarchy As Of Feb. 28, 2011

Niki - "The Chief"
Maddy - Blog Manager
Bernel - Blog Manager
Carl Cathrx - Primera
RD- Segunda
ANDOi - Tres
ching - Cuatro

First rank change... Carl Cathrx finally overtook RD to obtain the highest Espada rank.

What's Next...

We're only two months old.  We will definitely become better with age!  

(Hopefully, more will join us in March)

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