Sunday, March 6, 2011


For the guys: Do you remember that moment when girls where something gross and some kind of creature you could never understand? (I do hope you've outgrown the gross part)

For the girls: Ever remember your first crush? :)

Flipped is a 2001 movie about puppy love and something more. This movie was directed by two time Emmy Award winner, Rob Reiner.
The story started with the two characters meeting back when they were 7 years old and progresses to puberty. Juli, sees the new next door neighbor and falls in love or however a 7-year old girl sees things, unfortunately, Bryce doesn't see the same things she does and thinks she's a stalker and hides behind his momma. He starts to develop
a great aversion for anything Juli-related and finds ways to make her avoid him. But in the long run, when Juli decided she doesn't like him anymore, Bryce finally notices her.
The setting is way back in 1957 but it seeing the movie doesn't make you feel too far out even if they didn't have cell phones during that time. The "he-said, she-said" way of the script makes me laugh especially when these two characters think differently about the same situation. It has a touch of drama but not the type where you would cry buckets so those who don't like tearjerker movies could handle it.

I think its a very cute movie perfect for a Saturday without anything else to do. Not too heavy, not to light. I'm sure you can relate to some of the events surround the two characters. :)