Monday, March 7, 2011

i miss home

I really do.

This is probably it. This is the moment when the mother eagle pushes her little baby eagles off the nest and let them fend for themselves (well, more like flapping until they finally gain momentum). I'm flying but I have yet to soar really high.

Reasons why I miss home:
-home cooked dinners. Nothing beats good old Filipino foods. Lately, I've never had this much microwaveable food but I'm glad my flatmates and I still do home cooked dinners when we can.
-sharing my bed with my mom. I have this king size bed for myself and I keep filling up one side with things just so it can take up some space.
-conversations at the table or just the plain silence whenever we have our meals make me miss home
-making pasta/salads with my mom. We work in silence but we work it with love.
-corny jokes from my siblings. It may be corny but at least we share some laughs.
-my witty niece. I hope she'll be just as witty when I come back.
-my valuable possessions: CDs, albums, posters, books. I just hope moths won't take over them when I come back.
-our garden. It may be a bit crowded with all those orchids around but the sweet smell of natural perfume makes my day.
-siomai, tempura, fried egg, pancit canton, lumpia (gosh, my mouth is watering). Well, you know what I mean.
-friends. Old or new. I miss you guys.
-the heat. The sun comes out and shines but it doesn't shine like it shines back home.

I could go on and on with the most simple and mundane stuffs that I can probably miss but my back is currently aching (damn you cold!).

Scotland isn't that bad really. I've only been here a month. I have yet to really embrace everything it has to offer.


  1. miss you too lucille...

    how are you there na? nag start na imong classes?

  2. hi madz.. we should skype sometime! im doing good, i started classes pag 31st.. im okay. ni lingin ako nawng ngare samot..haha