Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ragnarok Online ~ A Reminisce and Art Appreciation

One day, I was walking down the dessert caves of Morroc... I was especially alien and unfamiliar to the place. This was the first time my friends brought me here. They assured that I will be okay. I lacked the training and I was still an average level swordsman... But never will I forget those days I played Ragnarok Online.

I was second year high school when the Ragnarok fever was coming into the mainstream. I am not a gamer- for one thing. I am more like just a spectator, an observer. I really don't like to play games much because of three things:
1. to be defeated painfully and regarded as weak
2. the fear of being addicted to a game and not be able to focus in my studies
3. my parents would scold me... hahaha

Two of my friends insisted me to join them. But it didn't start out that way.
It all began when the game was a fuzz amongst my classmates especially those guys who are fond of gaming. One time, a seatmate of mine asked me to draw his character in Ragna. He told me the characters were cute and unique. At first, feeling lazily, i declined and told him, i cannot relate to this "Ragna" they were all talking about.

One day, one of my male close friends at that time, who also played the game, showed me the game art. Just one image and this was the image.
I was amazed... I stared at it for a long time.. He was just explaining to me that his character was like this, an Assassin by occupation.
When I got home, i researched all artworks related to the game. Until, I got so inspired, i tried to draw in this style and character.

I just fell inlove with the art style, and because of it, I felt that something was lacking. That I am missing the thrill of playing the game. I never really understood the game until I tried playing it. So, one day, two of my friends accompanied me in signing up for the game. I was really annoyed that I had to spend a lot of money on this. But it happened as I feared, I got addicted to the game and blamed it for not being able to save my allowances. Hahaha!

My 2 friends Ogor and Knetz, where my all time companions throughout the game. We helped each other out. The game is not just for individual gaming. It's all about teamwork as well.

Later on I quit playing Ragna, not because I got bored, in fact i miss playing it. But i was the fact I am not getting any wealthier of this. Hahaha... but one thing is for sure. I pay gratitude to those friends of mine who introduced me to the game. Ragnarok, if not the most all time favorite game I played, had been one of the most influential art styles that made a great deal in my art style today.

Example of my Ragna inspired fanart

Hahaha obviously its waaaaaay so long ago haha

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