Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jasmine: Part 1

Jasmine's Lily Pond
Another hot day ruled over the streets of Agrabah and Jasmine wished the monsoons would come soon. She sat on a floor pillow and basked in what little air the servants could fan. Suddenly, she got up and demanded the servants to leave. What a boring day it is in this castle, she thought as she gazed on the city. Moments later found her wandering amidst the city crowd wrapped in commoner’s clothes. Her solitary escapades would raise hell with her father, she was sure but her room was almost hell to her anyway. Jasmine bought an apple here and some grapes there.

The princess walked around town careful not to go to places where there were only a few people and making sure no one was following her. Capricious she was, careless she wasn’t. Being the only heir of the city, she was always being reminded to keep herself alive.

Jasmine sat in a shade with some children and watched the crowd go by, there was always something to do in the market. Haggling, making, and dancing. There was so much activity. She smirked as she remembered the servants who wouldn’t laugh at her jokes or the soldiers who stumbled upon themselves when she accidentally walked in on them gambling. They had let her join but it was obvious they were letting her win. Jasmine decided to look for other ways to occupy her time.

*pic taken from Holy Bell in deviantart.com, entitled: Jasmine's Lily Pond

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