Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jasmine: Part 2

Jasmine was still observing the crowd, when it parted. He was tall and dark and handsome and he made Jasmine’s throat dry. He stood out in the crowd, an unfamiliar stranger – to her that is. Some of the merchants greeted him cheerfully. His fez told her he was a probably from Turkey. He was pulling a horse with packages. Carpets, he’s selling carpets. Jasmine told herself. The man started to unpack the packages and display his wares. All kinds of carpets were on display. Some of them even have gold lining. The women started gathering around this young charmer and Jasmine snorted. Women are so gullible; she thought and bit into her now dry apple. The man talked to everyone who came near. He flattered the older ladies and winked at their daughters. After an hour, only a few more carpets remained. A young lady went near him and he quickly offered the remaining carpets but the lady pointed to one that he didn’t offer. It’s been reserved, he said and the lady pouted. He offered the other carpets and the lady finally relented to buy another. When the lady left, Jasmine was left curious about the carpet. She didn’t notice anyone take interest in it earlier and the man was already packing his things. Jasmine crossed the space between them and paused.

“Won’t you let me buy a carpet?” She asked. He turned around to see a pair of blue eyes and felt them familiar. He had seen the girl sitting across the corner when he came. He thought he was an older child and he had felt the curious stare from her all day. 
n fact, he had thought of going near them after selling the carpets.
She doesn’t look so young up close, he thought.

“I’d like to have that one.” Jasmine pointed to the one he had refused to sell.
He looked at her and at the carpet.
She’s the one. It seemed to say and he had no choice in the matter.

Jasmine watched in awe as the carpet unrolled itself and the young merchant stepped on it.
“Well then, shall we try it?” He asked. Jasmine looked at him puzzled.
“Try what?” She asked.
“This magic carpet” and he smiled.

*pic taken from Google, I cropped it. ^_^


  1. wow! an original story... but why in installments?

  2. it looked long if I put it in one and... so I can keep up with my late posts. nyahaha! XD

  3. this one's cute:)

  4. cute but try not to be not so fictional sometimes.. :p

  5. Interesting...why Jasmine? Can you make up something for my Belle? hehe Ü