Thursday, January 13, 2011



One particular night, during a conversation between friends (via Facebook comment boxes), Madel suggested: “So… what about a joint blog?”  The idea caught fire and we talked about it.

Personally, I really wanted to blog with friends.   It would be a lot of fun.  But I did not jump into it quickly.  I said, “But I'm hesitant.  In the end, I'll be probably the only one left updating posts in the site since you two will lose interest eventually.” 

 There should be some sort of commitment that nobody will abandon the site.  And they did commit (hopefully, they meant it).

So I am tasked to initially create the blog.  And since I created it, I have the privilege to name it (to my co-founders, you have no choice but to live with the name :P).  I choose “Experimental Theatre.”  Why this name?  If you research for the meaning of the term, it is absolutely unrelated to the contents to be of this blog.  So why then?  Three reasons:
a.) This is an experiment.  We are not sure if the founders (and the other writers we will recruit) would truly fulfill their promise of being committed to this site.  Indeed, boredom or laziness can easily kill this site.  But if this site picks up… well, that would be awesome.  And if there will be heavy traffic, there is a chance we’ll get some good monetization happening. LOL.   Until then, it’s all an experiment.
b.) In my literature class in college, the definition of “Experimental Theatre” in the handout – in just two words – was “anything goes.”  As Madel proposed during our planning stage, this blog is an “open blog.”  Thus, there is no main topic on this blog.  Anything goes.  For now, we have three authors – the three founders.  But, soon, we’ll invite some more friends to write with us.  It’s going to be a diverse bunch, with different knowledge and interests, so there will be a rich collection of different articles.
c.) The main reason is because it sounds cool.  That is all.

January 13, 2011.  The “Experimental Theatre” is born.  Next in the schedule, Madel, Niki, and I – the founders – will introduce ourselves.    

Join us for the ride.  See you around… 
Yup.  It's a cliche.  But the ride's going to be like this...


  1. gaaaaah...reminds me that i must go to a theme park anytime this year...
    i must include it in my "to do" list...
    gaaaah! i wanna ride a roller coaster! no not that one in the pic..thanks

  2. wooh! roller coaster! me wanna ride too!