Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Am Leg-, er, Bernel

If you click on my blogger profile, my picture looks like this:

This is a portrait of me.

Just kidding.  I’m not that handsome.  LOL.  Besides my bark is worse than my bite.

While this guy can put his catchphrase into effect...

Anyway, I am Bernel.  And I love to write.

I am a blogger for more than five years now.  My first blog was in Friendster called “Side B”.  I don’t write there anymore these days, but it’s still online.  Then a year later after being a blogger, I made a blog in Blogger.  And it’s my official site ever since (its 5th anniversary is on the May of this year).  I am proud of what that site, which is named “The Bernel Zone” (for obvious reasons), had become.  There I write my autobiographical sketches, personal thoughts, scribbles, and other things that interest me. 

I would write the same way here, no specific topic, just a little bit of everything.  Of course, most of my best material will still have to go to my site because it has some moderate popularity; with a satisfactory-sized daily and monthly traffic.  Here’s the proof (for those who said, “Meh”)…
 As of now, it ranks 2/10 in Google’s page ranker.  Pretty decent for a personal blog. 

But my goal (for this blog) is that during this blog’s run, I will reverse the approach I post online.   That, someday, my best writings would find their home here (hope my colleagues would feel the same way, too) instead.  Eventually, I want this to become MY main site.  A site I share with friends.  I already mused many times before that it would be more fun to write with friends….
Plus, a blog with multiple writers has more potential of having good traffic (that can be monetized).

As I’ve said, I will write about anything.  But I think, my posts’ll be probably mostly about pop culture, some philosophical scribbles, and a little bit of basketball (of course, as a Laker fan, I will be biased).   I am still not sure.  But the things I will post here will evolve with the site in its evolution.    
That is all I have to say (for now). 

So two of three founders are now done with the introduction.  One more to go: the Chief’s introduction…

Let's give the Chief a round of applause...


  1. *claps hands hahaha

    ooooh...i found out that i could actually edit your post hahaha nice

  2. don't meddle with others' posts :P

  3. i too wanted to join as a author..plz