Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Need to Post Something For This Week!!!

List writing is pretty popular in the internet.  Sites like cracked, listverse, toptenz, and toplessrobot has it as their format or one of their formats in their articles.  Months ago, I started to write Top 10 lists in “The Bernel Zone”, and the traffic boomed.  In fact, 5 of my top ten most read blog posts in 2010 were top ten lists.  So, I would like to bring the “top 10”-style to this blog also. 

And that first "top 10" post is for next week...

The piece is still under construction ("top 10 superhero animated series").  Something had been up this week that ate all of my free time.

For now, let me share you my favorite sequence in the anime BLEACH instead.  I really love this because of the epic flow of events:
  • Ichigo suddenly appearing to rescue Rukia.
  • Ichigo stopping the Sōkyoku (which has the power of a million Zanpakutō), showing that he dramatically increased his power in a few days of training.
  • Captains Ukitake and Kyōraku surprising their peers by aiding Ichigo to rescue Rukia by destroying the Sōkyoku.  
  • Ichigo, without second thought, tossing Rukia to Renji below.
  • And, most badass of all, at the last part, Ichigo taking on three lieutenants barehanded.


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