Saturday, January 15, 2011

Chocolate: an Antidote for Vodka

Let me tell you first that I do not yet have any significant research findings about chocolate as a counter for the effects of alcohol. It seems kinda interesting since both of them are known to release endorphins once taken in even in small amounts. However we know that their dynamics work differently though they have some similar effects. Then, we will know that they have counter effects on each other as well. You can read more about chocolate and alcohol to know about this since I don't need to elaborate much on this.

So why fuzz about blogging this?
A week ago, I went on a drinking spree and after more than a year I got drunk again. And what helped me much was chocolate, all thanks to a very good friend of mine who took care of me. However he too doesn't know that chocolate could give a very therapeutic effect on those having a hang over (like me). So all these observations are mainly subject to my personal experience, and no serious research or experiment was done to make out such generalization. "It worked for me" is the statement.

So what's the story?
Here goes... drinking vodka one night with my cousins while we were staying at a hotel. Counting in two bottles of mudshakes, a glass of Ateneo blue (simple mixture of clear vodka, blue gatorade and I forgot the other ingredient~ made by one of my cousins), a glass of strawberry Vodka. Of course it was more than world's turning around me and my head was like a floating balloon about to pop. The rest of the details are pretty much private (wink) and very irrelevant to this topic.
So the next day hang over was I was the sickest person in the world. Of course, my cousins were there, they took care of me.

Yeah, yeah, I am not used to drinking and it came such a shocker to my body. All my senses are down low and I so wanna eat but have no appetite. Solution to replenish the glucose and elecrolytes? Chocolate and water. And when I thought it would take me more than a day to stabilize myself, it took only a few hours of sleep, bottles of water, trips to the restroom and more chocolate.


  1. waaah drinking spree, i miss it.haha
    mental note: bring chocolate. :D

  2. heyy there just happened to cross your blog! its really interesting and you post about a lot of things that i dont see too many other bloggers posting about! i really like that! so glad i found time to drop by(:


  3. nice to have you pass by maebell! our blog's just starting out...but we're eager to write about a lot of stuff here ^__^ thankssss!!!