Monday, January 31, 2011

Minstrel of Misery: Act I

- I once said to myself -

I'd rather not have you,

Than lose you when I have the chance to love you.

- And I asked myself -

If Fate shows me a damsel whose distress I cannot fathom,

Yet a beauty that pars with her agony;

Will I take the risk or lie sideways in the shadows?

- Yet I took the risk -

But ALAS, I accidentally broke my heart into countless pieces.

If there's one thing I could do nothing about right now,

Then it'd be taping my heart back like before;

The same way I imagined how you and I used to piece together.

- Mistakes were made -

I will never again try to write a thousand lines

That'd only emphasize those three words

That streams

In the lips of many

Three words...

A distortion of fragmented memories;

Breaks an unkempt heart into two,

And deluges one's life into endless torment.

- Out of the worst, I loved -

You were once a dream that nearly came true,

Now you have just become a nightmare in the flesh,

How I wish

I never saw you


Then I would've kept

My sanity a bit longer.