Sunday, January 30, 2011

Untitled, Left for the Heart to Guess

I know who you are,
That's why I could only say "I Love You" to myself for you,
I just wish you wouldn't hear it,
so that I could say it behind your back over and over again,

I know you,
and you know me but you don't know what's inside of me.
That's better,
now I know my eyes can still rest on you.

I. Love. You
I see you everyday,
that's enough for me
I won't talk to you,
my heart will.

I find it puzzling how you are right now.
You're a classical beauty,
not only in my eyes, but them too.
As long as you're there,
then I've no anguish within me.

I find you charming,
though I don't know why,
but this little charade of mine - 'tis my only way of appreciation.
It's passive to you, yet it's active in my heart.

I just wish, that as I lay down on my deathbed.
And as soon as I smell the sepulchral air adrift,
I just hope that I could still hold your arms around me,
your tears in my lips ~ your soft, loving cry makes me smile.

Keep me in your heart, that's all I ask,
And I shall keep you in mine, even though I'm already gone.
Memories are supposed to be remembered,
but I have your's to keep my mine alive.