Monday, January 31, 2011

January 2011 Round-Up: So Far, So Good

Every end of the month, as an admin of this blog, I will summarize the events or posts of the month.  (Hopefully, my co-administrators will share these "end of the month" round-up post responsibilities in the future. lol)

Anyway, this had been an "okay" first month.  478 views of 267 unique visitors (IP address).  Not bad for a first month of operation.  Hopefully, our readers will expand ^__^ I am optimistic.

So, here's the round-up, after the jump...

Establishing Blog Premise

"Birth..." by Bernel 
- The story on how this blog was started and its purpose.

- Explaining how the (non-administrator) writers of this blog will be recognized for their contributions.

The Introductions

The founders got to introduce themselves first...

Then several days later after the Three founded the "Experimental Theatre", the blog started to recruit writers. Here were their introductory posts:

The Contributions

- The Chief discusses what the hullabaloo was all about regarding this new zodiac sign.

- Maddy shares her recent discovery of a new use for chocolates: cure for hangovers.

- I was just desperate to make a contribution that week. lol

- Maddy starts ridiculing fear.

- The Chief's bottomline: envy and greed will never help you attain true happiness.

- First "Top 10" post... which I plan to establish as a tradition in this blog (I encourage other writers of this blog to make their own Top 10 lists). 

- The title of the poem was epic enough.

"Minstrel of Misery: Act 1" by Carl Cathrx
- Another poetic scribbling gem.
Writers' Hierarchy as of Jan. 31, 2011

Niki - "The Chief"
Maddy - Blog Manager
Bernel - Blog Manager 

RD - Primera
Carl Cathrx - Segunda
ANDOi - Tres

(No change in initial standings yet, since it's our first month... but who knows what will happen in February... RD, *cough* Carl Cathrx is on a roll *cough*)

What to Expect

More writers.  More posts.  More traffic.  

I have a feeling February is going to be a dramatic month for this blog.  Writers are probably definitely going to write several posts relating to Valentines or love or romance.  And since this generation is addicted to PEA, plenty of readers will visit us to get their Valentines high.  

To our dear readers, thank you for joining us in our first month.  Please continue to hang out with us...


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