Friday, January 14, 2011

The Chief speaks!

Thank you Nel. :)
And so the chief finally speaks and I call this blog to order! I'll have large fries myself. :P

My name is Niki and its been a while since I've started writing. Its just a hobby though nothing professional but well I do get some good grades once in a while. I also have another blog so I'm hoping I can squeeze more juice out of my "creative" mind to supply both blogs. I have no idea why I'm chief but I'm sure they have their reasons.

I don't know if I love writing but if loving writing means just writing for the heck of it then I probably do. I write stories, essays, poems among other things. I'm more varied in my writing meaning... I just write anything I think about under sun. Just perfect for our "Experimental Theatre".

As Bernel says, this blog will be about anything and anything so expect nothing. Though, out of anything, something will come up and I know you'll probably learn a thing or two as you read through.Life stories, Artistic masterpieces, news updates??? and more.

As the time goes on though, I think our writers will have more ideas on what kind of topics or issues they want to write about. And I hope our writers will grow with us as we experiment in our little theatre.
Let us go Forward!
So my task here is to "manage" the blog. That probably means reminding my fellow writers to write, write and write among other things. :)

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