Wednesday, January 26, 2011

First Impressions Last

I've never really been good with introductions, but they say the female species distinguishes you for who you are the way you introduce yourself to them. Either way, I've always had the dilemma of introducing myself to the ladies; thus I skip the formalities, laugh along with the crowd and let the good times roll.

“Let's take the good times as they go, and I'll meet you further on up the road...”
-Bruce Springsteen-

The frustrated poet that I am, I've taken a liking to matters of the proverbial heart. Listen to peoples stories, whether they're hurt or in-love, and string their emotions together; to ease someone's pain by listening to them won't gain you anything but the thought of helping them rise from the fall's an ethereal award of sort.

I stand 5'10'', weighs around 120 ~ 130 lbs, slightly skinny with a sense of
-unnatural- humor. Likes to sulk around when he's bored, eyes in the skies if he has unanswered questions, and down for frustrations. My epic randomness strikes sometimes though not always, heaving a bland, serious discussion into an out-of-this-world potpourri of thoughts.

Though there's this small piece of info you might want to look into. I ain't me all the time. Misery, so they say, loves company. An apprentice of schadenfreude, the Minstrel of Misery, a second me.

And so, my dear readers, I bid adieu. My primordial post, hopefully, hasn't disturbed you nor bored you.


  1. welcome dear poet, disturbed nor bored I'm not
    but anticipate your next creations. ^_^

  2. "slightly skinny?" hahahaha

    welcome! ^__^ looking forward to those poems...
    most of the time your stats in FB hit me right on the face....gaaaaah