Friday, January 14, 2011

Writers are Espada

As we mentioned before, we will be recruiting other friends to join us to write here in the Experimental Theatre.   We will be ranking the writers – aside from the founders (Niki, Madel, and Me) – a la Espada or Numeros (shame on you if you are not familiar with Bleach :P).  Initially, the number or rank that a writer will receive is going to be based on the order he or she joined the team.  The first one who will join us will get the Primera title.  The second will get the Segunda.  And so on.   But the titles or ranks may change later on depending on the writers' contributions (like quality of posts, frequency and activeness to post, etc) on the site.   If we believe one should be promoted, then he or she will rise in rank.  This will, hopefully, make it more enjoyable (for the team) in the long run.

Thank you and continue to roll with us.